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Brand Identity Design Leadership User Experience

More than just a logo, brand identity is the very core of your visual communications strategy. It's the way your customer remembers your business, the way a potential customer chooses you over your competitor. A well executed brand identity will make the right first and lasting impression.

Creative brand design concept development.

brand book
Standards, specifications, style guides and final assets.

Comprehensive brand audits acoss all media.

Brand advocacy, communication and outreach.

Leading a design team means leading by example. Getting hands dirty. Developing a culture where the best ideas naturally emerge, and assembing the right tools and methods to set teams up for success. Design leadership means building relationships across the organization and bringing others into the design process. Design leadership means advocating for design thinking as a means to solve business problems.

Design team development and mentoring.

Building relationships across business and IT organizations.

Creative talent recruiting and management.

Promoting design thinking from the front lines to the C-suite.

Good UX is good for business. Understanding context and user needs when building applications helps your customers do business with you; and helps your organization work smarter and more efficiently.

User research and direct observations core to the process.

Iterating and measuring results in discreet cycles.

Work on paper first. High fidelity later.

Shipping is important. Learning and responding is crucial.

Design excellence doesn't happen on its own. It starts by gaining a deep understanding of context, grows with exploration and iteration of possible solutions, and ends with close attention to details in execution. Throughout; there is always listening, observing, and building relationships... to make great things happen.

Design excellence comes from EXPERIENCE.
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